Saturday, July 25, 2009


Tonight when i was laying down with millie before  bed we were watching john campbell crawling around her room...when he started to crawl out of her room millie said "uh-oh mama, he's heading out of my room"....and i said "where do you think he's going?" which millie replied..."florida"...haha!

Friday, July 24, 2009


never know what you're going to get at the grocery store!
making zucchini bread
i love this picture.
best buddies...most of the time:)
us trying to get a family picture at a rangers game!

Wow it's been forever since I posted!  We have been super busy...Mike's had a light few weeks and we have even been to the beach with my family!  I haven't loaded my pictures on to the computer of that trip yet but hopefully soon.

Today was a great day at home....I was really tired because i went to bed late and then  the baby got up randomly at 4 and then millie got up at 4:45 so i had to move her back to her room...and then at 5:15 ben came in with a bloody nose...but other than being a little sleepy we all had a great day.  They were super excited to get to ride their riding toys and to eat on the porch.

We had to run to staples this evening and in the car on the way home ben said, "mama, are we hard?" heart sank....i thought to myself....have i made him feel like i think it's so hard to be his mommy? i asked him, oh so concerned, what he meant....and he said "  I mean are we hard or can like monsters and dinosaurs eat us?"....i laughed so hard...he was really more wondering if we are crunchy!!!!