Saturday, March 28, 2009

we have been busy!

ben came out of room time like this...those are rubber gloves:)
ben loves raw spinach...crazy i know! 
i saw on a girl's blog to give your little boy beans to use with his trucks loading and unloading...ben loved it!
they thought it was great to give their riding toys a car wash!
 ben thought it was hilarious when i put his shorts on cam's didn't seem to mind:)
i love when he sacks out in our bed.
sitting up playing with his toys...what a big boy!
i came outside to find mill pushing her baby in the sweet.
she loves him so much
john campbell cracking up at millie's crazy self
we went to the tyler zoo with some's first zoo trip!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday millie was lifting up her shirt nursing her baby doll... and if that wasn't funny enough i asked her if she was nursing her baby and she said "yeah, now i got to go pump."  Then she walked over and acted like she was holding 2 pumps up...and a few seconds later she said she was done.  Hilarious.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainy Day

ben at the top bunk picnic
millie at the top bunk picnic
what a cutey!!!  bathing in the kitchen sink.
they barely fit!

Today it rained pretty much all day....our yard is a lake!  But even though we were cooped up inside we tried to make it fun.  Mike put a blanket up on ben's top bunk and we surprised them with a picnic lunch up there.  We also played wii was hilarious....ben actually beat me at a few things!  Either he's really good or i really stink.

Tonight i had promised the big kids they could bathe in the kitchen sink....they love it even though they are almost too big....and then later cam got to take one too.

When i was laying down with ben at bedtime i told him that no matter how big he got he would always be my sweet baby...then he told me i was his sweet buddy.  But the best part was i asked him if he was excited about school tomorrow and if he liked going and he said yeah, but he wished i could be little so i could go with him...i love it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

These are the best days.....

I love this picture that mike took of the special. millie calls him
john campbell cracking up at his silly mommy...check out the millie bib:)
millie and ben at his soccer game...notice her lsu cheerleading uniform:)
oh my...i can't get enough of this baby!!!!  look at that smile...cheering on his big brother playing soccer.
daddy got to see ben play soccer!!!
poor, poor baby ty....lolo and kiki letting him eat grass at the game:)
eva and millie cruisin'

The kids were in rare form today.  They said some of the funniest things!
Ben:  Look at all of the blime mommy!
Me:  The what? (racking my brain on what in the world he could be trying to say)
Ben:  The blime!
I finally figured out he meant the blooms...because we have been talking about how all the plants are starting to bloom.

Millie: (while twirling around  outside with her arms raised up to the sky) Look at the beautiful weather!
and a few minutes later...
Millie:  (while hanging off the porch railing)  Mommy is this tandastic?
Me:  Yes millie, that is fantastic.

Ben got some cleats today...they are for soccer and t-ball.  He was so excited about them that he wore them outside to play.  He kept saying they had teeth on 'em and made his powerwheels go faster...and he kept breaking up mud that had hardened on the porch by stomping on them...he looked so cute.

The other day just ben and i were in the car and i turned on a song he really likes and i was singing and dancing....just being goofy...and when i looked back at him he was looking at me with the most sweetest expression.  It was that look that said he thought i was just the greatest.  It was so sweet...i am so thankful for each of my babies.

Yesterday i was feeding john campbell in his new the way, he LOVES carrots....anyway, i started bending down so he couldn't really see me and acting like i was eating his feet....let me tell you- it was a whole new level of funny to him!  He rolled!!!!  Then i would pop up and he would laugh even more!  It was awesome!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today was a beautiful day!  It was great to be outside with the whole family....and cam was only wearing a diaper...he was so cute.  We were having so much fun outside but i was excited because  i got to take millie to the women's bible study that our church has every 2 weeks.  She went with me because lolo and steph put it on and it was all about kazakhstan and was a traditional kazak tea.  They did a great was just like when we went to eat with a local family while we were there.  Mill was going to help serve some of the food but her and eva grace and abbie ended up playing together most of the time....they were so cute.

What was really sweet though was at one point eva was crying because millie said she wasn't her best friend....and one of the other moms heard millie say "I can't be your best friend because my mommy's my best friend."  That made my day...hope she feels that way forever.

Then on the way home she asked if she could put her flip flops in my closet and i asked her why she wanted to put them in mine and she said "Because i love you and i want to put 'em in your closet"....can't say no to that!!!!  Such a sweetie.

Friday, March 6, 2009


We have had a great couple of days.  The weather has been beautiful so that has been nice.  The kids are always so much happier when we can play outside...i am too.  Yesterday when we were outside ben and millie were on their riding toys and i was the toll booth attendant.  When they came by i had to check my computer...which was a kid garden hoe (strange i know) see if they had been speeding on the highway.  If they had then they had to go to jail which was millie's old crib that is in the garage.  They thought it was great.  Then when ben was working the booth he put me in jail and when i acted sad he said..."No look...all the kids are playing with toys and mommy's are getting dressed up for parties!"  Hilarious....his prison sounds like fun.

Today lolo and kiki brought eva, luke, and ty over to play.  They all did really well together.  They ate pizza at the picnic table and millie and eva cruised all over the yard in mill's pink convertible.  Ben and luke hung out on the dirt a lot....ben was covered by the time they left.  Later i got the big kids haircuts...they did really good....may have had something to do with the sucker i bribed them with:)


Millie's Bus Trip

               eating doritos at about 11pm  
   millie and gracie

Ben always gets to go out on the rode with mike and the highlight of his trip is to ride the bus.  Millie hasn't gotten to go by herself yet so since mike and bart were going to nashville to sing at a friend's memorial service shannon and i decided to take millie and gracie on the bus to meet up with the guys.  They thought it was the biggest treat!  They loved watching movies in the bunk and cracked us up talking super loud when they had their headphones on!  When we got to nashville...after a lovely hotel breakfast....we took them to the mall and they got to buy some girly stuff like purses and jewelry and eat lunch at the cheesecake factory.  It was a great trip and some good one-on-one time with mill.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


 my sweetie taking  a bath in molly's laundry room sink
i came around the corner and this is what i found in molly's foyer...awesome
paw paw bill and cole
 avery and mill playing wii fit...or at least trying to:)
       the boys working hard

We have done so much since the last time that i wrote.  Mike was going to be out of town for a week last week so me and the kids headed to monroe to hang out with the family!  We had the best time as always and it flew by!  It is amazing how well all of the cousins play together.  I feel like i don't hardly see ben and millie because they are going non-stop with caleb, avery, and cole.  

Molly and Brian are having an arbor built in their backyard so there is a huge pile of red dirt so that is where the boys stayed most of the time.  If we didn't keep a close eye they would be totally naked covered in mud.  They are hilarious!  

One night PawPaw Bill took the boys to monster trucks at the civic center so me, millie, avery, and molly stayed home and did makeup, painted fingernails, and ate ice cream....and millie and avery had to wear their matching gowns.  The next morning i asked ben if the trucks were big and he said "They were gi-normous!!!!"

The week was great...we went to avery's soccer game, shopped, took pictures at the camp, ate at the waterfront, went to an ocs playoff game....just had the best time being with family. 
John Campbell had everybody wrapped around his finger by the time we left. He is starting to sit up really well but is still a little i would sit him up on the bed and he would get excited and fall over and crash on the bed which made him laugh so hard...i can't get enough of him.

john campbell

me and my sweetie
          looking precious in his robe
eating his cooked egg yolk