Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Day

Today was a great day!  I worked out at the gym and then me, ben and millie headed to swimming lessons while mike and cam had some good time hanging out.  The kids are doing amazing.  A month ago ben wouldn't even put his head under water and now he will go down in the shallow end and pick up a ring.  Millie will even go down to the bottom of the deep end!  Crazy!!!!

After swimming lessons we came home and the kids ate lunch and had nap and room time.  When they got up ben and mill helped me make some zucchini bread.  Between the Hamiltons and Rehoboth Ranch I have a ton of fruits and veggies so i have been wanting to try this recipe for a while.  They each got to make a loaf and it turned out really good. (I have some pictures but mike has our sd card reader so i will load them sunday.)

We played outside for a while and i helped ben water the plants on the front's one of his chores:)  

John Campbell is into everything these days!  He loves to crawl all over the house and getting into everything!  It's pretty hilarious because you cannot turn your back for one second.  There is no telling how many finger sweeps i've done making sure he didn't put something in his mouth.

Something cute ben said the other day....  he went with me to pick up our produce from rehoboth and while we were loading up our stuff i was telling him what each vegetable was.  On the way home he was trying to remember what all we had gotten  and he said "...and we got peppermints...".....instead of bell cute!

Something else going on in our family....for a while now mike and i have talked about as followers of Christ if we REALLY believed what we say we do wouldn't we live differently?  When a person first becomes a Christian they seem to have this period- usually if they are a little older when they believe- where they are "on fire", so passionate to change the world for God's kingdom......and we appreciate their zeal but we "know" that their radical talk and lifestyle will eventually diminish and they will start to settle down and live the...and i hate to say it....average american Christian life.  Why is that? How is it if our treasure is in heaven we are SO quick to become obsessed with the temporal?  If the road is narrow and the way is few and i look around me and everybody looks like me and acts likes me and spends their money like i really on the narrow road?   

Friday, June 19, 2009


The past couple of days have been busy but great!  The kids are loving summertime.  Last night they played on the waterslide....mike did too....then we grilled burgers and cooked smores over a fire....these are the best days.

A few funny comments by the kids...

Millie:  Mama you know whats inside critters?
Me:  No what?
Millie:  Snot

who knew????

And then later she told me she was coloring a picture of "Billy and the Beast"....instead of beauty and the beast.( I'm pretty sure i didn't have to clarify that but you never know:)

The other night we went to the hunt county fair and we were talking about the really big slide and ben said "that slides not bigger than Jesus!"...amen brother.

Yesterday i got to go eat with a couple of friends at Chiloso in was such a good time and the food was awesome....i am still thinking about the grilled avocado...mmm.  Anyway it was nice to get away for a while.  Mike is always so good about that.  He never makes me feel bad about needing a little time away.  And it's not like i leave and he complains about how hard it is...he's always telling me to have a great time.  I appreciate that so much.

So this has been random....but that's kind of how i like it sometimes.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Mike and John Campbell exploring a cave in virginia.

I feel like ever since we got home we have been so busy.  I have been to monroe for a couple of days for my nephew's birthday party and last week we rented a camper trailer and went to beaver's bend with the millards and the benches.  Whew....we are glad to be home for a while!

Beaver's Bend was a lot of fun.  Caleb, Avery, and Cole went with us too so it was 2 adults and 6 kids piled in the camper at night.  We rode bikes, swam, canoed, and made smores...the kids and mike and i were wiped out when we got home.  I will post some pictures soon.

On a side note ben said something funny the other day.  I told him i wanted him to stay little and to not get so big and grow up ....he looked at me kind of sly and said " So you're saying you don't want me to eat any vegetables?"  Too smart:)


Ok so it's been forever since i posted.  I'm sure you have been hanging on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about the end of the rv trip:)  We got into bastrop and went straight to caleb's baseball game.  He had 2 that night so in between games we loaded up the cousins and a few extra baseball players and headed to eat.  They were so funny...they thought it was great!  After his last game we went to molly's house and all the kids and mike spent the night on the rv.  John Campbell and i slept inside...I wanted him to get a good night sleep you know:)

All in all we had a great time!  We were definitely ready to get off of our 10 day home but we have a ton of great memories!