Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A few pictures from over the past few months...
Millie and friends at the ballet
Ben at the rodeo...never without a silly face:)
Oh my! So handsome!!!
Mike took this of Mill

So it has been FOREVER since i posted! We have been very grateful for Mike having some time at home. I will try to get back to posting more often... but i better not make any promises:)


  1. These are some cute pics. I love Ben's silly faces and he is a cutie. Mike did a good job on the pic of Millie in the frame. I like the uniqueness of it.

  2. That picture of Millie is AWESOME! I LOVE it. And, I love Bens faces in those 2 pics!

  3. how stinkin cute are your kids??? Ben and that cowboy hat - ladies, guard your hearts! and Millie with the picture frame... i hope you are framing that one. no pun intended.