Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Have i mentioned that millie sleeps with books?  She snuggles right up to them with her puppy and drifts off to dream.  She loves books.  You might think that she secretly reads them instead of going to bed....but no.  I will hear her flipping the pages for a few minutes and then she tucks the book of choice under her covers and nite nite.  I love that about her.  I like to think that she got her love of books from me...but who knows.  Just 2 days ago was millie's "gotcha day".  This was the day 3 years ago that we finally got to take custody of sweet millie....sweet, little, malnourished, barely could hold her head up when we met her millie.  What would we do without our millie?  I tell her she's my sunshine.  Tonight we were laying in her bed and i told her that i wanted to laugh a lot tomorrow (i felt like i was really tired today and too grouchy) and she said "let's laugh right now"- so we both started trying to make ourselves laugh and you can't help but get tickled when you hear her belly laugh!  Another thing about millie is that she talks all the time...and i mean ALL the time!  But it's funny, what i use to find unnerving i actually find endearing...most of the time:)  She's so curious and she has to be sure that someone acknowledges that she spoke....even if she has to repeat it 15 times....and she will:)
I love how sweet she is to ben...she will always give up anything she has to make him happy....and she'll do anything she can to help him out. 

 They were playing in his room the other morning and she ran in to the kitchen to throw something away and ben hollered "millie the phones ringing" and she said "it's ok, i'll call them back" hilarious....sometimes they remind me of a little old couple.

My millie.  I am so thankful for her....when she's wanting to use all of my bathroom products, when she's trapping john campbell by sitting on an upside down laundry basket, when she tells me that when she's bigger she is going to be a cowgirl and ride bulls,  how she always wants to snuggle, when she's "reading" john campbell a book and doing all the voices,  when she's talking non-stop, when she's helping me cook, when she smiles that adorable smile in those precious glasses.....and especially when she sleeps with millie.....i sure do love my sunshine......i'm so glad God let us find each other.


  1. I can't help but think where Millie would be if ya'll hadn't gotten her. God is SO Good!

  2. What a beautiful post. I can tell by the words you wrote that Millie is a precious little girl. I'm glad too that God brought you together as a family.