Saturday, September 5, 2009

Well hello!

awww...eating lunch on the back porch so he watch big brother and sister play...he LOVES them!
making pizza dough
ben used to always say he wanted to be a "cook chef" it's a tow truck driver

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Our summer has been wonderful!  i can't believe it's already September.  Last month John Campbell turned one...and started walking.  He walks all over the place now with his dimply legs....he is so cute!!!  Man i love that little guy so much.  Sometimes I just can't believe I get to be mommy to my sweet babies!

Anyway today was a lot of fun.  We went to a little friends birthday party this morning and ben and millie had a great time.  When we got home, after lunch and millie and john campbell's nap, william, kaleigh, sam, and gracie came over and played outside for a while.  It's so fun seeing them all growing up....the girls were screaming while i drove them on the golf cart as the boys ran after them with a sword, gun, and a shovel!  (not sure what the plan was with the shovel:)

Tonight when i put ben to bed i said " i love you ben"...and he said" i love you sweetie pie."....such a stinker....i'm laughing just typing that.

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  1. Those will be some great memories to cherish. They grow up so fast.