Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ben has started pre-school 3 days a week this year and so this has meant everybody is getting pretty use to getting up early these days....of course if you know my kids at all you know they have always gotten up rather early anyway!  But i really like the routine we are in.  So since we were all up early this morning we had a ton of time before we had to get ready for church.  It was so nice...we went for a walk/bike ride/wagon ride down to mr.keith's pond and we were pumped because one of our neighbors dogs always walks with us and we finally remembered to bring him a ball to fetch in the water....the kids loved it!

Worshipping with our church family was great...ben and millie stayed in the service with me and they did pretty good.  When we went to the bathroom right before it started ben came out of the stall laughing and he showed me that he had forgotten to take off his play shorts when he put on his church shorts...he had 2 pair of shorts on!  We were cracking up!

After nap and room time we played outside the rest of the day and all 3 kids crashed hard tonight...and i think i am going to too:)  

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